The Forest Queen — Divjake Log Home

The Forest Queen invites you to step into a new world, a green oasis, a fairy tale close to civilisation. Silent but so rhapsodic. Freshly bathed in sun and dew. Sometimes mystically gloomy and then immediately crystal shining.

A king that has never been tamed – Gorski kotar will take you on long intriguing walks through the expanses of the forest. Across wild gardens next to crystal clear rivers and lakes. You will wander along paths where the roots of centuries-old trees intertwine with grey karst rocks enveloped in soft moss.

Maybe it will only reveal its completely different, gentle face to you whilst you are looking at familiar scenery from a completely different angle. Then return to the queen's retreat, so warm and soft. In the evening warm your legs and soul, tired from your daytime exploring and adventures, by a fire that will romantically crackle from the open fireplace.

It is easy to be authentic when creating what you love. That's why our wooden hut, just like ourselves, is full of miracles and surprises. The „Forest Queen“ is now available for all those looking for a real fairy tale. Welcome!

Dear guests!

We are delighted to open the door to our kingdom as well as our hearts to you. Your story here has yet to be told, and we happily offer you the beginning. Driven by a huge need to preserve the heritage of the Gorski Kotar region and a desire to create a warm yet unobtrusively luxurious haven, following years of effort and enthusiasm, we have created an authentic forest queen.

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